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8月11日にオープンしたKurasu Kyotoでは新たにバリスタを募集しています。


私たちのミッションはスペシャルティコーヒーと日本のコーヒー文化を日本中に、そして世界へ届けることです。エスプレッソはシドニー、オーストラリアをベースとするSingle O Roastersから、また日本中のスペシャルティコーヒーロースターから月替わりで提供する私たちは、お客様においしいコーヒーをサーブするだけではなく、コーヒーカルチャーを常に肌で感じることができる環境にいます。





Since opening our doors on August 11th of this year, Kurasu Kyoto has gained a large following from locals and overseas visitors. 

Our mission is to spread the love for specialty coffee and the Japanese coffee culture within Japan and to the world. Serving espresso from Single O Tokyo, it's main roaster based in Sydney, Australia, as well as a collection of specialty roasters from all Japan, we're in the unique position not only to serve coffee to our customers but to invigorate and interact with the coffee culture of the world.

We currently have 2 full time and 3 part time baristas - now we're looking for another part time member to join our team at Kurasu Kyoto. All our staff have experience working as baristas overseas and our environment is friendly and full of energy. (Not convinced? Just take a quick visit in our store 😀)

Past coffee experience not necessary required, we will teach you the basics of coffee from pourover with the Hario V60 or extracting shots using our custom La Marzocco espresso machine. All that's required is just your passion to join our wonderful crew

At Kurasu you'll have the oppertunity not only to make and serve coffee but to interact with specialty coffee roasters from all over Japan and join us at events. If you're interested, help us work with our creative team to contribute with our branding - graphics, design, and photos.

So what are you waiting for?

E-mail us your quick background and why you'd like to join us at




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